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“You’re a Christian so you Must Not be Sad about the Current Events…”

“You’re a Christian so you must not be so surprised nor that sad about the current events…” On the contrary, it makes me very sad and pissed off. So let me make it clear for you on where I stand. 1. I’m ok with guns. Not all gun owners are...


Hate Turned into Goodness & Awareness

This is a little embarrassing but if I’m going to try and be honest with you in all things motherhood and life, I have to share this with you. I shared this on my personal FB page a few days ago and a few things were made abundantly clear. No...


To my Friends who are Weary & Broken

To the weary and broken, I remember growing up thinking my brother deserved way more love than I did from my parents. In my opinion, I just couldn’t do anything right. No matter how hard I tried in all things life, I could never do things the way they were...