Uncomfortable but Necessary Convos with Kids

This just happened and I’m glad it happened because the world is a different place now and it’s time to stop sugar coating everything to our kids. Teach them now of how the world really works and they will be smarter and better for it.

Forget about getting into the best colleges…book smart is good but without being life smart…you’re screwed and that lesson…starts at home.

Josh: Dad, what is the most dangerous animal alive.
Kathy: People. Humans are the most dangerous.
Matty: No, some animals can tear humans apart.
Mike: But humans can kill one another with words.
Josh: Like make them drop dead right there in front of you. That would freak me out so bad.
Mike: No, but they can make someone feel like they aren’t important or loved and that’s a horrible thing to do. To make anyone feel like they are not important.
Kathy: and we are all guilty of this…mom, dad, you, Matty…all humans. But we all try not to everyday…we try and be good. It’s a struggle but we have to continuously try.
Matty: Josh, I’m sorry I told you that I didn’t want you for a brother earlier today.
Josh: I’m sorry Matty for telling you I wish Zachary was my brother instead of you.
Matty: Yeah, that made me so mad I wanted to run away and never come back.
Josh: Where were you going to go to live?
Matty: To COSTCO. They have food and everything.

We are all a work in progress. We are all guilty of speaking falsely, harshly and with cruelty.

Let’s work together to be good…to be a better example for our kids so that they may have the kind of future dreams are made of.

Anything is possible.

We ourselves are the ones that keep from changing the world with our negativity and hate.

All the poop heads can continue to be miserable and hateful and put humans against eachother. Let’s refuse to fight hate with hate.


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