I’ve gained 10 pounds from getting out of this funk where I didn’t have much of an appetite and I was working out all the time…

Ladies, you know what I’ve learned at the ripe age of 43?

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh…instead of a “goal weight,” we should be focusing on losing the pounds of unnecessary things in our lives that weigh us down more than fat ever can.

This whole chart of what you’re supposed to weigh or look like, is complete crap. Every body is beautiful and different in its own way and how we choose to look to feel beautiful and good about ourselves, is up to us.

Weight you can always lose when you want to…happiness and a joyful life…should be something we strive for every damn day of our lives.

I’m the girl who thought she was an experiment that God did to make the ugliest human in existence…and now?

I’m truly embracing what God gave me and the adventures to come. I’m grateful for hitting every ugly branch on the way to adulthood because it’s what’s made me brave and who I am today.

Don’t live in the future of “what can go wrong…”
live now and do it with a grateful and hopeful heart and mindset.

We are our own worst enemy…we have all the power to turn that shit around and make ourselves happy.

A friend once said these words…

“When people don’t think much of you, it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them. So don’t let people control the way you should be and what you want to be. Let them think however they want…the negative holds no value to your life. Don’t feed into the words that hurt or disarm you.

How rad is that?

So be happy with who you are, as is.
Change the things YOU want to.
Be the kind of human YOU want to be for yourself.
The ONLY person who needs to accept you…is yourself.

You get to write the script of your own life…and when things don’t go your way…maybe it’s because life wants to lead you to something even better, more fruitful, and absolutely remarkable.

Self love is a powerful thing…it doesn’t only have the power to change you…but also those around you.

So instead of empowering the negative and bad…empower things that can annihilate the things that once made you an ass to yourself and others…

Life is more than cattiness, gossip, self righteousness, and being “right” all the time. There is absolutely no power or good in any of that.

It’s time to grow up.

Be brave, friends.

We got this.

As for the 10 extra pounds of me?

According to some health chart. I’m now supposedly 10lbs over the weight I’m “supposed to be.”

Oh, kiss my ass that looks even better now in my jeans. 😬

The way I see it?
Hey, more of me to love…or not. 😉

Love you long time.

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