Spouses and Partners, Respect Your SAHM and SAHD’s

Hi friends,

I’ve had a couple of friends tell me recently that they feel like they are second citizens to their husbands because they make them feel like that In private, in public and in front of the kids.

This infuriates me and makes me sad.

Being a SAHM and SAHD and not making $$$ doesn’t mean you are powerless and a slave to your kids and spouses.

Being a SAHM and SAHD doesn’t mean you come in second to your spouse.

Being a SAHM AND SAHD doesn’t mean you have less of a say in all things that matter to the family.

Being a SAHM or SAHD is a choice a family should make together…and the spouse who’s bringing home the bacon, if they respect YOU, your KIDS and THEMSELVES, they will never ever make you feel inadequate because you don’t contribute financially or don’t go to “work.” They would never make you feel less than the super mom and dad that you are. They would teach the kids that empowerment and fulfillment comes in many different ways and that life is in large part about doing what’s right for the individual family as they see fit.

Don’t make the decision to have someone be a SAHM or SAHD and then step on them making them feel horrible about themselves. Live up to your promise to take care of your kids and your spouse. Why would you do that to the mother/father of your children? Why would you do that to someone you’re supposed to love and respect? Be proud of your spouse…be proud of your family.

Whenever someone says something to me like “Don’t you want to be more than just a mom and a wife?” My husband shuts them down in his whimsical way and tells them, “You obviously don’t know Kathy cause she’s so much more than all of that. We do what’s right for us, don’t worry about us, we have an incredible life.”

Now that’s empowerment and love right thar.

So whether we are working moms or a SAHMs, we are both strong, smart and diligent…and we find enjoyment in what we chose to be. and the common goal remains the same. To be good parents and raise good humans who will make the most badass mark on this world.

All Women should be respected.

Love yourself and demand it. You should have nothing to fear. It’s not about taking the power back…it’s about finding the power in yourself to not be a doormat.

Yo mama didn’t raise you to answer to anyone.

Support one another.
Encourage one another.
Empower one another.
Respect one another.
Just…love one another like crazy.

Love you long time.

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