Elementary, Here We Come! I’m Excited and a Bit Scuuured.

Seems like it all kinda happened at once today. There’s something about having two sets of uniforms and two sets of school supply lists in front of you that makes you think “holy crap, the madness of a serious education has begun.

Dramarama Josh will be in 1st grade and Mayhem Matty will be in Pre-K/Kindergarten.

Where has the time gone?!?!?

Yet here’s the dilemma and irony of it all…

I’m scary enough to be a tiger mom, I’ve totally got the look and the poses down (Yes, I said poses) but I never got the grades to back it up…

Things like:

“When mom was a kid, I got mostly A’s and B’s…”
“I was a great student…”
“I enjoyed doing my homework…”
“I studied studied studied…”

Those are things I can NEVER SAY to my boys because I was never that kid. Mike and I already decided that he’ll cover math and science and I’ll help the boys with everything else. Hahaha. Works for me, yo.


But you know…I won’t be discouraged. Just because I didn’t do well in school myself doesn’t mean I can’t wholeheartedly encourage my kids to do well and try try try. That’s all I want…A show of effort.

My relatives jokingly said “Now that both of your boys are going to be in elementary school, your work as a parent is about to really begin…”

I understand what they are saying but I disagree. Sure, doing well in school most definitely helps pave the way to a great future but I think being life smart is the most important thing. Having social skills that make people want to be around you, to be able to learn from you on what it means to be a good human, a good kid, a kind kid.

I think that’s where the parents job really begins…and that seed is planted way before stepping into a classroom…it starts at home.

I call my kids poopoocacaheads all the time and post silly stories of things they say and do but I am already so proud of who they are.

Sure, Matty screams like he’s on fire when he doesn’t get his way and has a temper but he’s one of the most sweetest, funniest kids you’ll ever meet who is full of empathy for others.

Josh is my little sweetheart who is so incredibly loving, talks too loud and has this personality that is just as loud, big, playful and beautiful…and I hope he never changes that aspect of himself. I hope he always remains true to who he is and beats to his own hapa version of Jim Carrey drum as long as he can.

As parents Mike and I feel like we fail 95% of the time but we continuously try…and that’s all we can do, right? Continue to pray for them, put them first in everything and try to set them up to survive in this world that’s gone a little tipsy craycray.

I’ve been accused of caring too much, for worrying too much about the kids, for dedicating too much of myself and losing Kathy to the status of mom…

Those are “accusations” I will proudly take with my eyes fully open, my heart fully filled and with my head held high.

I’m a goddamm parent…that’s how it should be.

Don’t you worry about me, “Kathy” is still fully intact…”Mom” is the title I was blessed with 6 years ago and that’s how it’ll stay.

So here’s to all the moms and dads who are about to embark on this wonderful, stressful, amazing journey with me of having kids in school where naptime no longer exists…

Stay strong.
Stay faithful.
Be patient during homework time (Good Laaaaawdy).
And remember to keep your beer and wine fridge fully stocked.


We can do this!!!

Cheers and love you long time,


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