Just be You. You’re Enough.

Sometimes I think I wasn’t cut out to be someone’s spouse. Sometimes I think I wasn’t meant to be a mom. Most of the time I feel like I’m not living up to my full potential.

Sometimes I think if Rose had scooted over just a little bit, Jack could’ve survived and the movie could’ve had a classic bow on the top perfect ending.

But tis life. Sometimes you have to just take a moment, clear your head, see the good in all the blessings that you have earned and been blessed with and focus on becoming not something extraordinary like all those motivational posters say…

But something tangible that drives not only you but those around you to try and be good too.

Sure, realizing your shortcomings is a great step in the right directions but actually getting off of your ass and truly making an uncomfortable ballsy effort to become what you know you are worthy of becoming…

Is a whole different animal. So we aim to become the kind of beast that is strong, beautiful and fierce with a touch of true self. The kind that values all that is great and bad about life and turn events and situations that have potential to make us forget how capable and good we can truly be and turn it on its head.

You and I? We’re not so special. No human is…but what we are is RADNESS so don’t you dare let anyone who tries to throw a wrench in your plan to live a great life tarnish it or make you feel incapable of a happy one.

You don’t have to be AMAZING or gods amongst men…just be yourself. Fully flawed and broken.

There is such beauty in all that is uncomfortably and painfully real.

So just be you for all intents and purposes. It’s enough.


The ramblings of a super tired mommy,


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