Oh Josh Duggar, You Poopoocacaheaded your Family into the Land of “Oh Hells No…”


Child abusers/molesters come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Doesn’t matter what religion you are affiliated to or what color your skin is,  the sole topic and concern at hand is that Josh Duggar molested several girls on separate occasions.

I don’t think that makes him a bad Christian, I think that makes him a (former) child abuser who just happens to be a known Christian because of his show.

And I totally understand how some people are saying the Duggars hid some gnarly horrible things behind their image of being clean as a whistle Christian family with their nice pressed clothes, modest dresses, the glass is always full of “Praise God!” and perfect smiles. But the truth it, there was beauty in the show too, there was real family love and a great sense of togetherness you don’t see in society today when it comes to families. THAT, I LOVED.  I watched a few episodes and while it was sweet, I decided it just wasn’t for me. I have friends who love the show and it’s all good because I totally get the appeal but I don’t agree with all the Duggars practices of what a Christian is but more than that, I’ve never been much for the reality tv shows.

So needless to say, I know the smart folks won’t pigeonhole all Christians into the same category as them. We are all different and there is no Christian in their right mind who condones such perverse behavior that Josh committed.

So many people excusing his behavior because he said he was regretful and knows that it was inexcusable behavior. So let me get this straight, if a murderer admits to killing people and feels bad about it, we should commend him, slap his wrist for admitting his crime and owning up to his inexcusable behavior?


Josh Duggar touched little girls breasts and vaginas while they were sleeping…some of them, his own sisters.

That’s WRONG no matter how it’s spun. I heard someone actually say “I respect him for admitting to it.” No sucka, he got CAUGHT. He had no choice. The word respect and child molester should never be in the same sentence. EVER.

And I’m pretty sure when this situation came to light, four words crossed some people’s minds…HE HAS A DAUGHTER.

I’m also pretty dang positive that whoever leaked this did it for political reasons too…that’s pretty obvious.  Their hit show was pulled off of the air today, so I hope the Duggars were smart and saved every penny they made for the past 7 years on TLC.

This won’t be the last we’ve heard of The Duggars…I’m sure there will more stories that will surface. Here’s hoping there’s no more skeletons in their closet but…tis life.

And I’ll say this, I love the Jesus but if someone ever touched my kids inappropriately?

Hell hath no fury…

Here’s more info to help stop Child Sexual Abuse.


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