Y’all, I’ve Been Replaced by The Hulk

So this JUST happened:

You know you’re a parent when you hear the familiar sound of your kid climbing out of bed at around midnight to come get you to sleep with him because he’s scared.

Other kids have blankets or stuffed animals. Josh’s security blanket comes in the form of mommy.

Except tonight he climbed out of his bed and went straight to the bathroom.

So I waited. What will happen next has been in constant replay for the last 2 years.

When he’s done in the bathroom, he’s going to remember to wash his hands (wishful thinking), turn off the light (who are we kidding?!), walk to my door (more like run), knock on it quietly, open it, tiptoe to my side of the bed and sweetly whisper “Mom, come on.” Mike will say “Good-night babe” and I’ll grab my pillow, take Josh’s hand, and sleep in the boys room.

But tonight, there was no knock on my door.

I heard his little feet stop by my room for a few seconds and then he went into his room and got in bed.

I gave it 10 minutes before I got up to check in on him and here’s what I saw…


That’s right folks, I’ve been replaced by The Incredible Hulk.

I’ve been patiently waiting for this day for the last 2 years but now that it’s here…It kinda sucks. No, what I mean to say is, it TOTALLY sucks.

I had no idea that this moment would be such a big deal…but it is. BIG TIME.

(Insert super sad dramatic music)

I am the sad.

His big boy actions just told me that he doesn’t need me anymore when the moon comes out. He doesn’t need me to protect him from the monsters with the multiple eyeballs. He doesn’t need my hand to calm his rapidly beating heart. He doesn’t need his mommy to sleep peacefully anymore.

Tonight, he conquered a major fear he’s had and while I am heartbroken for reasons only a parent can truly understand, I am so proud of him.

My sweet Joshua the brave.

Well, I’m glad the little poophead is sleeping soundly hugging that super ugly green stuffed doll (I’m not bitter or anything) while I’m over here doing the ugly cry wishing time will slow down a bit.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to high five him and tell him how proud I am of him and he’s going to probably look at me and say “Mom, I don’t need you to sleep with me anymore, I’m a big boy now.”

So if you’re in a twin size bed with your little human right now praying and hoping for freedom to sleep in your own bed soon…you may want to enjoy it a little…it may be the last night they will need you as their human security blanket <3
This whole parenting thing…not for the faint of heart.


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