Dorks Unite! A Demented Love Story in Pictures & Posts

I love Mike for a lot of reasons but he hasn’t made it easy for me either…Hahaha.

He photoshopped this for me today:



He writes me poetry…

“Kathy Farts Freely”
by MK.

Kathy farts freely
Her bunghole knows no bounds
I can feel the wind blow
And the blood, as it trickles from my nose
A veritable cornucopia of fuggy butt thunder
Kathy farts freely.








That time he dressed like this for a fun 5k just because:



Everytime Mike comes up and snuggles up behind me, I’m thinking he’s being romantic…nope, fool is finding white hairs to pull out.

I am the sad. I’m gonna be bald at this rate.

Kathy: Ow! Did you get it?
Mike: No.
Kathy: Fool, stop pulling out good hair!
Mike: Oh be quiet, you have so much hair.
Kathy: Not if you keep doing that. Ow! Did you get it?
Mike: No.

Good grief.


Or that time when someone tried to make me feel bad about this blog and he sent me this…



Strike: Lost count

Mike: I can’t believe I’m going to be 36. I’m getting old.
Kathy: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Mike: And you’re going to be 40.
Kathy: Exactly. Stop being overly dramatic.
Mike: We’re going to have a geriatric marriage soon.
Kathy: Michael!
Mike: I’m pretty sure I’m still going to love you. You’re so lucky.
Kathy: I hate you.
Mike: Did I say something wrong? (zoolander face)


Mike: I don’t really find ________ women attractive. I used to love Latina’s but I only have Asian fever now and by that I mean you. Look, even my koozie is yellow.
Kathy: Oh please, there’s a lot of hot brunettes. I’ve seen you check them out and there’s nothing wrong with that, totally normal. There are a lot of beautiful women out there.
Mike: If I look at any other women it’s in disgust. I am only attracted to Kathy Hong Kobzeff. The world is mine.

Hahahaha. Stupidass.


Looking at old pics: “Look how young we are…You used to be sooooo cute.”


Kathy: If you had to do it all over again, would you still marry me?
Mike: Can you please repeat the question?


Kathy: Do you love me more as we get older?
Mike: Yes, definitely more and more.


Mike will live to see another day.


Mike thinks I would be a great personal trainer. He said he’s pretty sure there would be dudes who would pay to get yelled at by a little feisty Asian girl. Haha. Or I can just dress up like Kim Jong Un and demand perfection while I drink beer, talk about unicorns, how magical I am and my friendship with Dennis Rodman while I make them do endless burpees.


One of the many reasons why the boys adore him and will probably end up being just like him:

Just overheard walking by the boys room:Mike: Okay, it’s bedtime!
Josh: I want to see another video!
Mike: Do you guys want to watch the farting preacher?
Josh and Matty: YES!!!


That time he found this and bought it for our wedding anniversary because it reminded him of us and what we’ll be doing once the boys leave the nest:



Found some of the cards Mike got me last year…it’s never boring, being married to him is complete madness and lovely. I would say humor is right up there with loyalty.


and that time he made me soooo mad but I couldn’t stay mad at him for long cause he made Josh deliver this to me…


and let’s not forget when he said this…

Looking through old engagement pics from 2007:

Mike: Wow, look at us.
Kathy: I know.
Mike: I was so pretty.


But then again we are the perfect match because we are forever united in our dorky ways…Thanks Mike for dorking through life with me. You’re not only my Big love but also my forever friend fo life.
You so lucky 😉


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