TMHS: My Husband Being Whimsical (2)

Here’s some more TMHS. It’s never boring:

Mike: Will you please massage my arms, shoulders, legs and feet? That’s it. I think I over did it at the gym today. Pleaaase??
Kathy: No.
Mike: Pleeeeeeease???
Kathy: Fine.
(2 minutes into it)
Mike: Omigod, I am so making you a friendship bracelet AND a mixed tape.

Kathy: Can you turn the volume down on the tv?
Mike: Sure.
Kathy: Can you turn the volume down on that?
Mike: Nope, we lost the Matty remote a long time ago and the batteries are dead.

(Right before a 5k)
Mike: Okay so let’s just go over the plan. Let’s not overdo it.
Susie: If I break a sweat there’s gonna be trouble.                                                                               Mike: If you break a sweat, all the orphans will die.
Susie: Puppy orphans.
Kathy: Idiots, I’m with idiots.

Mike: I opened up kindle on my iPad and it was like a flesh explosion.
Kathy: Hahaha, those books are so good.
Mike: How many romance novels did you buy?
Kathy: Like 20. Don’t hate.

Mike: Good grief woman, relax and breathe.
Kathy: He can’t scream like that…He needs to learn that it’s wrong.
Mike: You’re such a drill sergeant.
Kathy: I am not!
Mike: Okay, dictator of North Korea. That’s what I’m going to start calling you from now on…The Dictator. You’re practically twins.

Kathy: I’m gonna work out more and get buff!
Mike: Then you have to stop drinking beer.
Kathy: That will never happen.
Mike: You gotta pick one…buff or beer.
Kathy: I choose both…BEERUFF!
Mike: You’re on Fantasy Issssssland…
Kathy: Nope, I can do iiiiiiiit!!

(Mike witnessing my interaction with the boys)                                                                                         Mike: You are so gangster.
Kathy: What do you mean?
Mike: With the boys you’re a drill Sargent, even the way you talk to them.
Kathy: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Mike: Sit down nooooooww! Put that dooooooown! Time out nooooooow! Get off of him nooooooooow!
Kathy: I don’t talk like that!
Mike: Yeah you do.
Kathy: I do noooooooot! (awkward pause) You suck.

Kathy: I’m thirsty.
Mike: Here, have a drink.
Kathy: Ewww, what is this?
Mike: It’s called water dear.
Kathy: I like my water.
Mike: Thats not water, it’s called a Corona light.
Kathy: Potato potaaatoe.

Mike: How’s your day going?
Kathy: It’s okay. I’m just having a bad day.
Mike: Just breathe, I’ll be home soon.
Kathy: I made an impulse buy today.
Mike: What did you buy?
Kathy: I got an apple fritter. It’s in the fridge, untouched. I’ve just been staring at it.
Mike: (Laughing) I’m sure that’s what most husband’s would love to hear when their wives tell them they’ve made an impulse buy.

Kathy: Omigod, I gotta poop.
Mike: Wow, I don’t know if I can handle this much romance.
Kathy: We had romance long, long, long ago.
Mike: More like a bromance.

Kathy: Omigod, you’re so, so, sooooo…un-optimistic!!!
Mike: Um, what?
Kathy: You know what I mean!!
Mike: You mean pessimistic?
Kathy: Yeah, that’s what I meant.
Mike: You and your never ending quest to make up words. I can see it now, Un-optimistic, The Kathy Hongzeff Story.

Kathy: So Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married this past weekend.
Mike: Who’s Blake Lively?
Kathy: She’s ones of the stars of Gossip Girl.
Mike: Another tv show that’s all about sex sex sex for the youth of today.
Kathy: Yeah, she’s 25 and he’s 35.
Mike: Oh, I don’t know about that.
Kathy: It could totally work! My parents are ten years apart. She was 24 & my dad was 34.
Mike: That is the most ridiculous comparison ever! You’re comparing an ancient Korean couple who were married in ancient Korean times to a Hollywood marriage.


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