When I Was Young…Youngerish.

When I was young…

I wanted to be anything but Asian. Now I be like “Woohoo, I love my people!”

Some kids used to call me horrible names, now I have kids who call me names like mommy and pretty princess.

I used to look in the mirror & think I was an experiment God did to make the ugliest human being, now I look in the mirror and see a nice smile.

I used to believe everything on the internet was true. Now I don’t believe anything on the World Wide Web is true.

I used to be a Republican. Then a Democrat. Now I’m a Libertarian and that’s where I shall stay.

I used to have an eating disorder called bulimia that almost killed me, now I am forever grateful to my brother who ratted me out and in return got me the help to stop the madness.

I wanted the perfect body, now I have a body with stretch marks and a large scar on my stomach that bore me two beautiful healthy boys and I’m totally ok with it cause it’s pretty badass.

I never thought I’d get married, now I have a crazy, hilarious and cute dude who put a ring on it 9 years ago.

I wanted to become a lawyer or a writer when I grew up, now I’m a SAHM who does the job of many without pay. BEST. JOB. EVER.

I didn’t think my parents were all that special growing up but now…boy was I WRONG.
I grew up in a bubble where there was no: divorce, alcoholism, fighting, mental, physical & verbal abuse, serious illness or drug use in my family. Now I realize that that was unheard of and still is even more so in today’s society.

I went to Friday night bible studies all through junior high and high school and never went to any parties, now I’m thankful I was never a part of those shenanigans.

I wanted to have 3 or 4 kids, now…HELLS no.

I prayed to God that when I grew up, he would provide me with girls so I can dress them up in pretty little dresses and braid their hair. Now I have 2 boys and I don’t think they’ll let me put them in dresses and braid their hair. Oh well, who cares, boys are awesome too!

I wanted to fit in and be accepted that I betrayed myself and acted and said things that was anything but me. Now I know that there was no need for that. True friends love me and accept me for who I am flaws, ridiculousness and all.

I couldn’t drink a sip of alcohol without being buzzed immediately, now since having the kids, my tolerance for alcohol is way higher. I like to believe its God’s gift of helping me deal with raising two crazy boys.

I thought kids were “dumb” until the age of 8 now I realize I was dumb for thinking that.

I couldn’t wait to grow up and be an “adult” now if I could only go back and relieve my youth I would just slow down and enjoy every moment of being careless, free, naive and having a great ass.

How do I feel about myself now? I like me.



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