Friendship: Love You Long Time

One major life lesson I know to be completely true is…

That even in what seems to be the darkest moments of a friendship, if there is true love, a real understanding of eachother and a friendship that exists without the ridiculousness of keeping up with the joneses whether it be regarding $$$, relationships and children…

it isn’t a friendship…


True love in any form can overcome anything…

That to me is one of the most beautiful things in the world to witness and to experience personally.

Sure, some friendships are not meant to last forever but some…Dude…sometimes going through crap, makes the bond even stronger. The industrial “We’re gonna hash this out and fix this” glue that bonds the brokeness is faithful…and prideful in eachother.


I think for the most part, a lot of women are guilty, guilty, guilty of taking something as pure and beautiful as friendship and turning it into a prickly wicked thing. I’ve been guilty of this in the past but haven’t been in years…or at least I’d like to believe that.

So the lesson learned here is, don’t make friends with people who have the red flag of idiot nation as their coat of arms…cause they will make a fool out of everyone around them…including you.

It’s really disheartening seeing my friends go through some tough times in their otherwise great lives dealing with their ex spouses, fair weather friends and family members who belong on the Jerry Springer show when my only major problem in life right now is trying to get out the pieces of bread Josh jammed up Matthews nose.

Life’s not perfect and I’ve loved and lost painfully but I’m incredibly happy to surround myself with only those I admire and respect no matter how different we see things. If there’s a problem, true friends will talk to each other, don’t let an outsider dictate your life, your friendships and all other aspects of your life.

We tend to cherish and love the friends who were there during the good times but as I’m getting older, I’m beginning to remember and appreciate the ones who were there when things weren’t so great, when laughter was replaced by tears and when life was uncomfortable and downright hopeless.

That’s what real friends do. They don’t walk away when you need them the most or when you’ve pissed each other off, you stick around to verbally hash it out no matter how horrible and ugly the situation may be.

You give a crap.

Because more often than not, some fights end up being one big giant misunderstanding anyway.

Sure, some friendships are not meant for the long haul and some chapters are meant to come to end end but for some…they become blood.

You know what’s rad about Facebook?

You reconnect with people you knew but were never close with in high school…

And then you start a friendship with them as adults without the peer pressure bs that is inevitable in High school.

Life doesn’t resemble a John Hughes movie anymore. Most of the cliques that were all BFF’S FOREVER!! disband and life goes on… The things that were *cool* mean absolutely nothing now.

And what you get is absolutely freakin amazing and rad.

True friendships begin beyond Facebook and your life gets even more blessed with those who make you so happy you feel like your heart will burst at any minute.

Then there are those you meet through friends and dude…

The radness continues.

You joke as if you’ve known eachother for years…and when you finally meet it’s like your old friends.


Some friendships are just meant to be.

When rad people meet…there’s bound to be endless radness. Haha.

Networking doesn’t only apply to work… It’s also about supporting, providing comfort, time and love for eachother when life throws you curveballs and when wonderful things happen to you.

Life takes you on the most unexpected journeys where you meet people at the most perfect time.

I’ve met a lot of amazing people on here and I am so grateful.


Life is busy but make time for those you love and adore.
Talk is cheap…live life through actions.

Enjoy it at all costs.

Kumbaya suckas.

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