Christianity+Misfit = LOVE in all it’s RADNESS

Today’s church service was RADNESS.

The message was crystal clear.

Don’t add negativity to life’s simple things…don’t talk of peace yet cause chaos. Don’t talk of love yet hate with your words and actions. Don’t be passive aggressive in things that matter. Don’t be the impending storm in circumstances. Don’t put yourself in the position of a savior when you’re darkness. Life’s already hard and delicate as is…don’t act foolishly and bring others into your swarm of torment.

Stop measuring yourself by life’s social laws. You’ll drive yourself crazy…you’ll go completely mad. You’ll never be happy.

The gospel is for everybody. For the GAY community. For the people society has deemed as OUTCASTS. For the ADDICTS. For the person who is committing ADULTERY. For BRUCE JENNER who was so brave to say what he did in the cruel world we live in.

The Gospel is simple. God loves everyone. The gospel doesn’t become real until we live it. So to all those who claim to love God…become an action hero.

If you ever want to come to church with me, please let me know, it’s in Santa Ana and it’s more than just your everyday church. It’s the church for misfits that love to serve the community. All are welcome.

Thank you Dave Gibbons for always speaking the truth, for breaking boundaries, and for making all of us who are willing to listen to feel like we can do anything through God even if we are broken.


There is always opportunity for growth, for forgiveness and for redemption.

How freakin rad is that!!!

Time to live it. It’s on, suckas. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. Change starts with me. I’m counting on my friends and family to keep me in check.


Love you long time,


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