Raising the Sweet Boy

One thing I’ve learned only after I became a mother of boys…

I love the free spirit of little boys before society tells them what they should and should not do or say as males.

When boys are small, they hold hands with eachother, they say things like “I love Bradley, he’s my friend” with the purest tone, they hug eachother often without the 3 second hug with the “We’re dudes” pats on the back they do when they grow up to be men, they say I love you to eachother freely without any shame or mockings of “That’s gay” or “Man up!” being shouted at them.

Boys are at their purest when they are small and it’s not only the growing up too fast part that I don’t really look forward to, it’s also the purity of things that only little boys hold in their minds and hearts I will miss as well.

Whenever I hear guys say that the only men who cry are either gay or weak or that women cry with the sole purpose to manipulate them, I hope and pray they don’t procreate cause it’s people like this who contribute in damaging society and relationships.

Girls may be called delicate, but the raising of boys requires the most delicate lessons of all. The balance between being secure with ones manhood and knowing when you cross that line of being a pig.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we can do it…we can raise a generation of men who will do great and kind things.



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