What Asian Are You? Don’t Be Offended…I Love You Long Time.

I saw this years ago and thought it was funny. I guess it’s circulating again and it’s still definitely funny. To be completely honest, I don’t get mad at people when they ask me where I’m from…I don’t think people have any ill intentions asking…I’m obviously not white so it’s just out of curiousity. I do get annoyed though when people do the following only because they should know better:..or I’m assuming they should:
*Pull their eyes back and laugh like it’s the most hilarious thing in the world. I’ve seen people get punched in the throat for doing this but I usually just ignore it and walk away.
*Say ching chong and other jibberish “Asian” talk.
*When they call me a nip or a Charlie when I’m obviously a Kook.
*When they ask “How do you see with such small eyes? Your vision isn’t skewed?”
When this happened:
Person: What does that say?
Kathy: I don’t know.
Person: But don’t you know how to read Asian?
Kathy: I know how to read things written in Korean but this right here is Chinese.
Person: Oh, it all looks the same to me.
Person: What does that say?
Kathy: I don’t know, it’s in Japanese.
Person: Yeah but it’s in Asian.
Kathy: I’m Korean.
Person: Okay, so what does this say then?
Kathy: That, is in Chinese.
Person: Yeah, so what does it say?
At Disneyland:
Worker: (speaking loudly and slowly) Hi, having fun at Disneyland? You need help with anything?
Kathy: Nope, I’m good, just looking around, thanks for asking.
Worker: Wow, your English is so impressive and no accent!
Kathy: Why wouldn’t it be and why would I have an accent?
Worker: Where are you from?
Kathy: I’m from Orange County.
Worker: Oh.
(I walk away)
Co-Worker: (To co-worker) You’re an idiot.
Person: So your husband is so lucky, he must get massages all the time.
Kathy: No, he doesn’t have time to go get massages.
Person: No, I mean from you.
Kathy: Why’s that?
Person: Because Koreans love to give massages and are so good at it. It’s like a known thing and totally universal and he gets to have it free…whenever he wants! 
Person: You must be really white in the way you think to have married a white dude. Did your parents want to disown you? I’ve seen it in movies and stuff.

Person: So what kind of music do you listen to?
Kathy: I like all kinds of music.
Person: I bet your favorite is Kpop.

Kathy: No, I don’t listen to Kpop.
Person: Is this what happens when you get too Americanized? You start not liking things about your people and start hating on people?
Kathy: No, I just don’t like it. Do you love rap music?
Person: No, not a fan of it at all.
Kathy: Oh, you must not like black people then.
Person: Hey, I never said that!

I am so surprised at the number of horribly racist videos on YouTube…from every color and background imaginable…it’s CRAZY. I know it sounds completely naive but I’m just really shocked right now. I never thought to look up anything other than the funny viral stuff people share.

How the heck did I miss the whole rant some girl did at UCLA about Asians in the Library…I must’ve been too busy raising two babies.

It’s not okay especially because it happened right after the devastation that was the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. Having said that, I can also see how people thought it was funny too…but obviously for all the wrong reasons:

But I think this is funny…NSFW…LANGUAGE.
You gots to have a sense of humor to exist in this crazy ass world.

I know some say there’s a fine line to it all…but I think it’s pretty clear when someone is being straight up racist and when someone is just talking about racism.


 Love you long time,


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