A Fridge Full of Nothing

How many of us have opened our fridge stocked full of food and have said “There’s nothing to eat!”

Mike did last week and I gave him a hard time about it.

Well, I just did the same thing and now I feel like a giant butthole.


In a world full of those who are hungry and literally have nothing, here I am complaining about a fridge full of food. Don’t even get me started on the number of times I have looked in my closet and said the same thing.

When we do this in front of our kids…we pass on the ridiculousness, the pompous mindset that what we are blessed to have is not enough…never enough.

It’s time we seriously start focusing on the things we do have instead of what we don’t literally and figuratively.

How privileged we are to have the things we do and to be able to do the things so many cannot.

So I’m taking a minute to stop. Get my head straight and look at every item in my fridge as a possible recipe for deliciousness. We waste so much food as is…it’s time to stop that ridiculousness as well.

Can’t think of anything to make with the goodness in your fridge? Check this site out…you’ll thank me.

We are all incredibly blessed, let’s start acting like it. Isn’t it about time we start living gratefully, graciously and thankfully?

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