Video: TO THIS DAY by Poet Shane Koyczan

I don’t understand how bullying still exists in schools after all the tragedies that occurred in the last few years alone. There were TV shows, movies, documentary specials…tributes to those we lost so young and senselessly yet this crap still happens. What are we doing wrong as a society and how the hell do we fix it before it destroys more lives.  I still can’t believe even after all the deaths and attention bullying has gotten, kids are still tormenting and being cruel to one another.


I think it’s time we do something that no kid can ignore or look away from. They need to SEE and HEAR something, someone who could capture their undivided attention.

My suggestion? It should be mandatory for all schools across the nation to have students watch this video every quarter as a constant reminder to end this madness. Parents should watch it too.

Get a dialogue going. School isn’t only about Math and Science…It’s the place where they spend most of their days…so why not teach them how to be decent humans as well and call them out on their BS when they act out.

Kid’s aren’t dumb. They are fully aware of their actions. They just need to be reminded what is wrong and right from time to time and guide them towards postiveness.

Maybe by showing this video, we can do just that and perhaps save a life in the process.

We could only hope and try.


Shane Koyczan Shares his own stories of bullying. His famous poem TO THIS DAY starts at the 6:30 mark. Video’s like this shouldn’t be viral only for a season but…for life. Please share.

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