Stop the Madness of Dumbing Dad Down

Maybe there’s something wrong with me but I find no humor in crap like this. Why are fathers portrayed and treated like they are complete idiots. You see it in the movies, in the commercials…it’s totally wrong. Maybe I’m lucky that I’m only surrounded by good dads so don’t crap on all of them just for sh*ts and giggles. Sure the world is full of crap dads but you know what? There are a lot of crap moms too. When things like this are done with women as targets…all hell breaks loose. When the target is dad…people laugh.


There’s something seriously wrong with that. Dad’s are freaking rad. All this talk about respecting the mom…We have to learn to respect the dads just as much.

People always sing praises to the new moms…how about the new dad? Why not make it a point to encourage them as well? I think it’s a no brainer, right?

I love that Ashton Kutcher spoke out recently on the lack of diaper changing stations in the men’s restrooms. He got the dialogue going that a lot of men are very hands on…as they should be. I have friend who are Stay at Home Dads and they are not only fantastic at it but really enjoy it. I think that’s awesome.

And if you find what I’m saying anti-women…you missed the point entirely.

Love you long time.


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