Verbal Diarrhea on Repeat: You Deserve Better

Continuously saying horrible things to people and then apologizing afterwards. Like a neverending loop of verbal diarrhea. On constant repeat.

Stay away from those types of people.

Cut them loose. The problem isn’t you…it’s them. They put up a front of security and badassness to mask their true selves. They are angry. They are jealous. They are regretful. They are insecure. They are the pitiful ones.

Misery loves company with a side of drama and Oscar worthy performances.

Toxic is toxic. Ain’t nobody got time for manipulative games and diversions that make you feel less then the amazing person you are.

You don’t make someone believe that they are wonderful and then blindside them with a knockout of hurt.

That’s just straight up evil at it’s worst and it’s so ghetto ass ridiculous and embarrassing on so many levels.

You’ve got one heart.

Put it in the hands of those who will take great care of it at all costs.

You know how you can tell who your real friends are? They don’t break you down or give you backhand compliments. They lift you up. They inspire you. When they talk about you, it’s always positive because they are proud of you and want others to see the light that comes out of you too.

Embrace those who do this.
Appreciate those who speak this.

And by all means, don’t bring the circus onto Facebook…it’s no ones business and it not only makes the guilty look bad but you don’t come out fairing well either.


Love you long time friends.

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