Life: Just keep swimming…just keeeeep swimming…just keep your freakin’ ass swimming…

Yesterday was a tough day. Emotionally and mentally I was in a bad way. I got some bad news a few days ago affecting someone I love and it’s been a suckfest of drama for me in my overthinking head.

I didn’t want to get out of bed and the boys were driving me batshit crazy with their whining and fighting.

Mike and I set a policy in place from the very beginning where if we need to vent or scream about someone or anything, we call or text eachother and release whatever tension or anger we have at the moment. This way we don’t unnecessarily take it out on those around us and we can also keep eachother in check. So I was venting to him throughout the day and he was really good about keeping me calm even though he had his own stress to deal with at work.

So I was moping around like a zombie all day until I had to take the boys to Jiujitsu.

On the way to jiujitsu, I saw the aftermath of the most gnarliest car accident I’ve seen in a long time on Harbor in Costa Mesa.

Of course that gave me even more anxiety.

I wasn’t sure if the wrecked cars we were slowly driving by were going to be visually traumatic so I rolled down the window and asked one of the many police officers on the scene if I needed to tell my boys to cover their eyes. He said the injured folks were already on the way to the hospital.

At that moment, I forgot about the hurt that I was feeling all day long and started thinking, “Holy crap, these people lives could be forever changed today. Their are family members who received calls today saying that their son, daughter or spouse was injured in a car accident and transported to a hospital. Omigod, what If they have kids…”

So I got to jiujitsu all bothered by the events of the day and luckily one of my good friends was there to talk and help me get back to my normal self. It’s amazing how good people know how to bring you back down from a bad place…I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much radness in human form.

All in all what started out in my mind as a crappy day ended up being not so bad.

But it always kind of works out that way, doesn’t it?

The silver lining at the end of the day that makes you realize okay, I can handle whatever madness is being throw at me, I just have to:

Calm down.
Have Faith.
Enjoy everything as much as I can.

Heartbreak and pain isn’t prejudice to anyone. It screws with everyone…it affects everyone but it doesn’t mean we have to be in a constant state of grief or sadness.

Life is meant to be lived. So I’m going to do some living…with a big ass smile on my face and when I’m feeling down, I can always count on the people who love me and put up with me despite my craycrayness to bring me out of any funk I’m in.

 Dudes, I am one lucky little girl,


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