The Society That Wants To Keep Women Hating on Eachother

I’m still flabbergasted at this whole war between SAHM vs. Working mom that’s still raging on.

Apparently there’s an article going around about some research that says working moms raise more successful daughters and more caring sons…

REALLY HARVARD? SERIOUSLY, DUDES? What do you hope to gain from this? More money for  society and mothers hating on eachother even more and using our kids to do it?


I personally think GOOD MOMS raise caring sons and amazing daughters no matter what the mother chooses to do for work. All kids want is a mom who loves them and that has absolutely nothing to do with mommy’s job title. Mothers encourage their daughters to be great, to be strong and fierce and they lead by example. Hard work isn’t limited to a 9-5 job, hard work comes in all forms and success comes from all backgrounds. To say that my friends who are homemakers who took care of their kids hands on 24/7 at home for years are less capable of raising successful daughters is insulting and absolutely stupid.

What a crock of crap.

Do you know most SAHM’S besides dealing with their kids 24/7 are typically the SOLE: Cooks, laundry ladies, toy fixers, bath givers, chauffeurs, tutors, grocery shoppers, house cleaners, errand runners, bill payers, etc…Yes, moms who do the 9-5 thing do that too but it is entirely a different thing and a way of life to do it day in and day out everyday.  Just like moms who work their asses off in the job force earning money to provide a good life for their families and who are showing their daughters the value of hard work. Both ways of life ENCOURAGE THEIR DAUGHTERS to be successful at work and at home. Both moms are doing what works for their family and for themselves.

I see it as a win win.

All I know is I have mommy friends who go to work and those who stay at home and you know what? They are equally as amazing, equally as rad and equally as crazy…as it should be.

All these articles written to cause rifts between women who shouldn’t have to deal with bull$hit like this in the first place of who’s going to raise the better child. All these useless words to make mothers feel guilty when they should not. Sadly some mothers use articles like these as ammo for their own ugly stance in this whole headache known as mommy wars.

Also, it’s pretty obvious these articles are written with a political agenda as well…everyone can see that, how can you not?

Also, so many published words about how SAHM’S are the only real moms…just stop the madness already!!!

Children are happiest seeing their moms do what they love so if it’s working that makes you happy, by all means do it with pride and joy. If it’s being a sahm that makes you happy, by all means do it with pride and joy. As long as we’re setting valuable examples that we think will provide good and useful lessons for our children…we’re doing it right.

Don’t let anyone place guilt on you for the choices you make for yourself and your family. As long as everyone is cool with it and thriving mentally, physically and as a family unit…that’s how you should live your life…with zero apologies…don’t let articles like these put a kink in your well oiled family machine.

As for my own boys, they are completely nuts but are both incredibly empathetic and sweet as sugar and I will continue to raise them to be caring and kind men.

Bottom line?

This is me. You do you.

Ladies, we need to support eachother and stand together as proud women who are raising crazy ass but absolutely beautiful little poopoocacaheads. Let’s teach them that women are amazing and can stand together proudly without any hatred or ugliness.

How amazing would it be to have the future generation of kids look at us mothers and don’t define us by how we spend our days…but by the love we showed them.

Doesn’t that sound rad? Isn’t that how it should be?

Life is hard as is, motherhood is his hard as is, marriage is hard as is…Don’t listen to these yahoos who want to divide us and make us second guess our journey.

We live in a society that wants to keep women fighting…Let’s not let them win.

United together we can be more powerful than anything in the world.

This will be the last time I will ever write about anything that has to do with mommy vs. mommy. I’m done.

To those who have already predestined my sons to be not so caring and wonderful…

Kiss my 40 year old “I work out” mother a$s.

I love moms, all moms and as long as you put your kids first and adore them, I admire everyone equally.

Screw the Mommy Wars.

Love you long time,




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