Kathy+Tiara+Public = DORK

Going through old stuff from the just Mike and Kathy days and I found some fun treats Mike got me from Disneyland!

Brings back memories of one of the most embarrassing typical “Kathy is such a dork!!!” Moments in my life.

The year was 2007, Mike and I had just gotten married and we were living in the apartments on Pine and 4th in the LBC. Just for fun, I would put the tiara on sometimes and do the housewife stuff while Mike would be at work.

One morning I went to the market and while I was in the magazine isle, this homeless guy kept on waving at me…Miss. America style. I ignored him but he kept on waving, so I was like “Dude’s totally crazy and not gonna stop…” so I waved back at him and then he started blowing kisses. People were totally smiley and nice to me as well…It was great!

So I paid for my groceries and went home and made dinner. Then I went to Nordstroms Rack, went to Starbucks and went back home. Mike came home and as we were eating Mike laughed at me and said:

Mike: Why are you wearing that?
Kathy: Wearing what?



Yep. Crazy little Asian girl thinking everyone else be craycray…When I was the craycray looking one.

Mike couldn’t stop laughing. I was horrified. Hahahahah.

Typical dorky me. Things never change.


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