Naptime = The Hongzeff Comedy Hour

Getting my boys to nap is always a struggle…this usually happens but the boys aren’t feeling well so they didn’t protest.

Thank the sweet Jesus for that because I got to take a nap too!

I was fake sleeping and about to freak them out but they kept on talking so I kept “sleeping” and it was hilarious, sad, sweet and wrong all at the same time.

Matty: Mom get up!
Josh: Shhh, be quiet Matthew. She’s very tired.
Matty: Okay, we wake her up in 1 second.
Josh: Stop talking. All you do is talk.
Matty: Maybe she died and is in heaven.
Josh: (puts his hand over my nose) No. She still breathing.
Matty: She not go to heaven yet cause she not old. She only 39. She look funny sleeping.
Josh: No she doesn’t, she’s beautiful.
Matty: Yeah, kind of funny looking too. Right Josh?
Josh: Yeah. A little bit.
Matty: Let’s go play with our iPads.
Josh: We can’t we have to ask mommy first.
Matty: No we don’t, daddy say we can play with it.
Josh: You’re lying Matty. Don’t lie.
Matty: Fine.
Josh: I love mom so much.
Matty: I love daddy.
Josh: You always say that and it hurt mommy feelings. She do fake cry everytime, remember? I love mom AND dad.
Matty: Me too!
Josh: Then say that Matt!
Matty: But I like it when she gets mad, it’s funny.

Man, I thought I kept it real…but these little boys keep it REAL REAL.

My emotions went from “Awwwwe” to “Did he just say that?!” to “Hahahah!” to “Oh no he didn’t!” to “I don’t like either one of them.” Hahahahahaha.

I know who my favorite child is now…and it’s Mike.

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