I Love the Poopoocacahead I Call My Husband…

My dude goes to work all day and works his ass off to provide well for our little family and even though many people think that being a SAHM is not a noble profession and is a step backwards in regards to being a “feminist” because there’s no monetary contribution to the family, we didn’t listen to any of that and did what we thought best for our family. He has never ever made me feel like I was a less of a contributor because of it. He respects me fully as the mother of his children and the one who holds down the fort at home and it’s been awesome for us. When he gets home, he is completely present and plays with the kids like he hasn’t dealt with work crap or the stresses that comes with it. He chases them around with his tired body making them giggle and scream for more and he makes each kid feel special every day. The boys adore him and think he’s the greatest thing. I get jealous often because they don’t see me and ohhh and ahhhhh with me like they do with him…but I know it’s not because they love me less but because he’s the kind of dude they want to be when they grow up…

And that makes me really grateful and proud of the dude I decided to have poopoocacaheads with.

He’s a butthead of epic proportions a lot of times but he’s a rad human and I thank God he set me up with my fellow uber dork for life.

He pulls me out of my dark places and whenever I am feeling sad or invisible, he looks at me with a smile and says, “I love you…you are my own crazy unicorn and even though you fart like a dirty man, scare our children like the North Korean Dicktator of the OC that you are, my goal in life is to make you happy and that’s it, plus you’re married to all this magicalness, you’re life is good, real good.”

Sorry for the grossness friends but man, it feels nice to be appreciated, loved and looked at like I’m Miss. Korea when in reality I look like Ms. Swan in the making…and that for a woman, spouse and partner…is everything.

We were talking about our past 11 years together and how we’ve grown together to be stronger and better not only for ourselves but for eachother and our kids…and though we have a lot of work to do still, we are united in our faith in one another.

We are a continuous work in progress as individuals and partners but we are so grateful for the journey we’ve had so far.

So if you’re feeling incredibly grateful for your partner…don’t keep it inside…say it outloud and proud…life is meant to be lived graciously and with kind words flowing out of our mouths…so git to it! Make someone swoon and have the most amazing night…you have no idea what sweet words can do for ones heart and soul.

Love you long time,

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