“You’re a Christian so you Must Not be Sad about the Current Events…”

“You’re a Christian so you must not be so surprised nor that sad about the current events…”

On the contrary, it makes me very sad and pissed off.

So let me make it clear for you on where I stand.

1. I’m ok with guns.

Not all gun owners are bad people. The bad guys will always find a way to purchase guns…there is a whole corrupt market for it, but people seem to forget that. I’ve gone to the shooting range and have learned to use a few different guns and surprisingly, it was fun. I’m glad I know how to use one safely and efficiently. Having said that, I’m not a big fan of guns, never have been but I learned to use a few of them because it was important to Mike. If there is an asshole in my house with a gun pointing at my kids, you better believe I’m gonna have one aiming at him too. I think I have a right to have a fighting chance. My boys will also learn how to put together and dismantle a gun when they are mature enough to learn. If it wasn’t for a friend who knew how to dismantle a loaded gun that a kid was showing off long time ago, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

2. I’m a Christian and I’m ok with the gay community.

Actually I love the gays. They are some of the most nicest and wonderful humans I know. So many have lived with intolerance from others so they go out of their way to love, love, love. Realistically, I’ll most likely never participate in a gay pride parade but they have my support to love who they want and to exist in the best way possible just like everyone else. If my kids were to tell me they were gay? I’d be sad only because of the cruelty they may face but I wouldn’t love them any less. If gay is how God intend them to be, I would continue to love them with everything I have. Nothing would change. I would still continue to go by Gods work which is LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.

There are “preachers” and “Christian” organizations saying that the gays got what they deserved. True Christians don’t believe this crap. Know the different between evil and good and stop putting all those who love God in the same box. We are not the same. It’s like saying, all muslims are violent monsters. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The muslims I call my friends are advocates for peace and do great things in communities everywhere. Educate yourself before barking hate.

I go to a church where we are taught to love one another and to embrace the misfits. Doesn’t matter whether you’re gay, straight, covered in tattoos, on your 5th marriage, cuss like a sailor…whatever. I’m a misfit. I am flawed and broken just like so many of you. We are encouraged to love and embrace the gay community. We are encouraged to love and embrace all people…and whether you want to believe it or not…this is how I truly believe God intended us believers to be.

3. Respect about the other opposite sex should be taught to both boys and girls.

People keep talking about how we need to teach our sons more than ever now to be respectful and smart about their life choices and how they conduct themselves with girls. I completely agree but the exact same lessons should be applied to our daughters as well.  Nothing more and nothing less. You want equality amongst the sexes? Then teach your kids to respect themselves and one another no matter what gender.

4. Make up your own mind on all things politics…don’t believe in something just because your party or your friends tell you to or because it’s the “popular” thing to do.

I used to be a hardcore Democrat…and then a Republican. Now I don’t belong to either party. I think both parties make valid points and have members who are great, intelligent and full of compassion but I think there is good and bad in both…but that’s just me.

I think to just agree with everything one party has to say just because your homies tell you to or because it’s the *popular* thing to do, is idiotic. Make up your own damn minds and don’t be afraid to speak up.

Anyone over the age of 10 who seriously says crap like, “I’ll unfriend you if you vote for Hilary” is a dumbass. Anyone over the age of 10 who seriously says crap like, “I’ll unfriend you if you vote for Trump” is a dumbass.

Grow the hell up.


I don’t care if you have a penis or a vagina…I don’t care which political party you belong to…You don’t say atrocious things like that and laugh it off. Every damn time victims are stomped and degraded for any reason…the horror replays again and again. You are placed at the scene again with someone screaming “This is your fault!” and that is NOT OK.

Every damn time, “locker room” talk about “grabbing pussies” and cheating is deemed okay, we suffer as a human race.

I am so sick of rape victims being partly blamed for whatever reason.

For people who support such things…you are no better. It’s not a political issue…it’s a human issue.

6. We’re adults. Let’s start acting like it.

True friendship transcends race, “Social status” and religion. I have a lot of friends who have different opinions on every social issue out there but respect is always present…that’s what grown ups do and I’m proud to have friends who can discuss all these hot topics without taking it to a insult laced level of stupidity. In keeping an open mind and listening, we are able to learn a few things as well and see things from a whole different perspective. I absolutely LOVE that.

We pride ourselves on being Americans and living in a country where the citizens are all about embracing each others differences…yet so many of us bash one another for our differences in opinions and lifestyles.

We need to fix humanity above everything else or we’re in big doodoo trouble.

Love you long time.



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