A Little Rain & Dirt Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

I absolutely love this video. Growing up Asian, the thought of jumping in puddles, playing in the rain or in the mud was a big fat NO NO. It was unheard of. The kids I did see doing it were all non Asian…at least from my own experience. I would stand there in my super itchy wool tights and 5 layers of clothing and I would be green with envy.


The typical reasons from parents being:

1. “You’re going to catch a cold and get gravely ill!”
2. “You’re going to get your nice clothes dirty!”
3. “Good kids don’t do that!”

If you really think about it, those reasons are so not valid.

1. You are NOT going to catch a cold and die if you play in the rain, and if you get a cold, who cares, there’s medicine for that.
2. Who cares about mud. That’s what washers and dryers are for.
3. Wanting to revel in some adventure doesn’t make you a bad kid.

“I love you the rain!!!”

I’ve posted pics of the Kobzeff boys playing in the rain, jumping in puddles and covered from head to toe in mud. I had a problem with them doing all of the above at first but I got over it pretty quickly. Once you have boys, you get over anything that has to do with getting dirty and gross. You kinda have to or you won’t survive parenthood.  Believe it or not, in our family, Mike is the one who used to freakout about it, but not anymore. If there is one thing that is truer than true, it’s that kids grow up way too damn fast and who are we to take even the smallest adventurous moments away from them.


I’d also like to think that my generation of fellow Asian parental units are definitely more free spirited and relaxed than our parents were.

So the next time your kids want to get dirty and play in the mud screaming “It’s like squishy pooooooop!!” or do things your parents never let you do when you were their age…



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