I love the Gays and I love God. I’m a Multi-Tasking Ninja of Love.

From time to time I’ll repost things I posted on my Facebook. Here’s one that really irked me:

One big thing I’ve changed my mind on is my attitude towards marriage equality. That’s a biggie, isn’t it? I used to be so against gay marriage. Having kids of my own made me question a lot of things like “What would I do if Josh or Matthew came to me and told me they were gay?” “Wouldn’t I want them to have the same rights as others when they fall in love?” To me it isn’t a bible or God thing, it’s a human rights thing.

Life is always changing…the world is in a constant state of change and we learn to see things in a different light because we grow too as people and if that means changing your mind about something you never thought you would, so be it.

At the park – Two moms talking at a bench next to me and Matty while their two boys are playing.

MOM 1: The world is coming to an end.
MOM 2: Can’t watch the news anymore.
MOM 1: Everyone’s apparently gay now…our kids aren’t safe anymore.
MOM 2: It’s disgusting. Can’t turn anything on anymore without gay this and gay that.
MOM 1: If Cody comes home gay, I’m going to die.
MOM 2: He won’t…you just need to make sure he has good people as friends. Plus, you’re a good mom so he would never be gay. Don’t even talk about such disgusting things.
MOM 1: We need to teach our kids that gay sex, anal sex, oral sex and dirty sex is wrong and that only those who are going to hell do all of the above.
MOM 2: Amen.
MOM 1: It just boggles my mind how people allow this to happen.


Well, I usually ignore these situations and walk away but I couldn’t this time.

Kathy: What boggles my mind is that you two call yourselves Christians yet spew hate. It’s because of people like you that we have such hatred…such stupidity and such ignorance. It’s because of parents like you that there are kids who have killed themselves because they would rather disappear than be disowned and hated by parents like you. Hypocrites like you are the reason why so many can’t even live their lives as they are and as a mom, that breaks my heart.

Me and my big mouth. How dare I love the gays and sex! I’m evil!! I guess I’m going to hell too.


I was just thinking last night how life is super hard as is and how excruciatingly painful it must’ve been for so many who had to hide who they truly were just because of the hatred and prejudice they would be faced with if they had come out. There are so many still “hiding” and I hope that they find the courage to start really living as they are more than ever now.

People use the defense of God, morality and whatever they could come up with to say it is wrong but I was raised to love everyone…and to me, there is no greater example of Christian love than that. Take a good look at yourself and better yourself instead. You can’t call yourself a servant of God and say “I love everyone…except for gays.” That doesn’t make any sense to me.

If you hate something, maybe instead of focusing on what you think is wrong, you should take a good look at yourself, figure out where that hate is coming from and diffuse it.

Worry about your own flaws, worry about your own salvation and let others live their lives and live your own life in the best way possible.

The downfall of society will not be because gay people can marry, it’ll be because of the hatred and intolerance amongst the human race.

Well, that’s my 2 cents anyway, now I have to go extract a cheeto out of Matty’s nose.

Proud to love, proud to stand strong for what I believe in…



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