Plastic Surgery in Korea Makes me the Sad

I have nothing against plastic surgery. If you have the money and if it’s going to make you feel better about yourself by all means it’s your choice. Having said that, I do feel an overwhelming sense of sadness that Korea is now the plastic surgery capital of the world. In Korea, if you have the physical characteristics of looking Asian, you are adviced to undo it. So many try and fix ones shell while completely neglecting the development of their own inner character. The self love that could do wonders in helping one see the beauty that is already there without the need to alter everything to fit societies mold of what it means to look beautiful. It has gotten to the point where if a girl is unattractive as a child the parent will say “It’s ok, we can always fix her face when she gets older.” How incredibly wrong is that? The seed of assumption that their daughter won’t feel beautiful herself is already planted by the very people who should see her beauty no matter what.

“In Korea, we call doing your eyes and nose the basics. They’re the standard procedures,” a South Korean woman told Vice in May 2013. “That’s nothing. So many people do it that it’s got to the point where people say things like, ‘But you only got your eyes and your nose done, it’s not a big deal.’”

Don’t get me wrong, Koreans are amazing people, we all know this but when you start getting a reputation of girls just smoking and drinking alcohol and not really eating to stay skinny, THAT’S A PROBLEM. When you’re automatically expected to have double eye lid surgery for your 15th or 16th Birthday, THAT’S A PROBLEM. When you’re a size 2 in the states and you’re considered overweight in Korea, THAT’S A PROBLEM. The need and want to look completely westernized is a problem…Roughly, one out of five South Korean women gets plastic surgery at some point in her life. How did it get this bad??


Don’t even get me started on the overwhelming number of males in Korea who are going under the knife as well. Turn on any Korean show and you’ll have a hard time differentiating if what you’re seeing is a man or woman.

My eyes are small, my nose is flat, I have a crooked smile and a jawline I’ve never really liked but seriously, who gives a crap. My mom did the typical Korean mom thing and would complain about my weight or nag me about the need to wear make-up but that ended quickly because I told her it hurt my feelings and that her comments didnt make me feel good about myself. She respected that and she’s never said a single bad thing about my weight or my looks since then. Even to this day when I’m having an off day, she will tell me how cute I am and for that I am forever grateful. I am all kinds of awesome because my parents told me so. Because I realized one day that I am not someone who will be defined by her shell. Because my husband fell in love with me just the way I am. Because I have a duty to teach my sons the importance of all aspects of what beauty is and how it comes in all forms. It is MY JOB, and no elses to instill the importance of how they view the opposite sex. So that when the time comes, they will look at a woman and won’t see just a pretty face, boobs and an ass, they will see someone with a personality and a heart who is to be treated with respect and who is more than her shell.

Josh: Mom, there’s a super beautiful girl with brown hair in my class. I want to kiss her when I get super big like daddy.
Matty: That’s gross Josh. I HATE kissies.
Josh: Oh yeah? Don’t lie, you like girls too.
Matty: I like girls with black hair and super small eyes like mommy.
Josh: Ohhhhh like mommy. Yeah, mommy is the beautifulest.
Kathy: Matty, you like Asian girls?
Matty: I don’t know any girls name Asian.
Josh: Mom, I like girls who look like Elsa from Frozen too with yellow hair and big blue eyes. You know what? I like all girls…if they are super nice and can dance real good like me.
Matty: I like girls who give me candy.
Josh: I like super smart girls.
Matty: Me too. Smart girls are nice.

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