Birth Story: Mayhem Matty

We had left Josh with my parents to do some shopping for Matty who wasn’t due for another 2.5 weeks and went to Costco. There I pigged out on a pizza and a hotdog. But nooooooooooooooooo, that wasn’t enough to fill my appetite so we found ourselves in the drive thru of an In-N-Out.

Mike: What do you want?
Kathy: A vanilla milkshake, fries and a double double cheeseburger. (Contraction) Yikes, that one hurt.
Mike: Braxton hicks probably.
Kathy: Yeah, you’re probably right but it felt different.
Mike: Well, see how many minutes they are apart if you have another one.
(Another strong contraction exactly 7 minutes apart)
Kathy:Yikes, I just had another one. (Staring down at the delicious food that was on my lap) I don’t know if I should eat this. What if I go into labor?
Mike: Babe, you already had a pizza and a hotdog, won’t make a difference now.

Long story short, after the 5th contraction, we called my doc and she said to come into the hospital just as a precaution. So Mike and I went home, grabbed my hospital bag and called my folks. So we get there at 4pm and the doc confirms that I’m indeed in labor and to get me prepped for a C-Section which we planned on having already cause we had an emergency one with Josh. Then one of the nurses asked me what time I ate last and we told her 45 minutes ago. She asked me what I ate.


We had to wait 5 hours…5 long agonizing hours to wait for the food to somewhat digest.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I didn’t just try and throw up the food to make the process faster. I had an eating disorder in my 20’s that almost killed me so making myself throw up was not an option.

Birth #2 was a lot more painful and dramatic but Matty finally arrived a little after 10pm looking like his daddy and perfect as can be.

He was such a good quiet no fuss zen baby for the first 3 months. Mike and I were convinced that he was going to be a sweet quiet mild mannered boy.

We were so wrong!!!!! His nickname suits him, perfectly. He’s our little handsome guy <3

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