A False Sense of Beauty


Girl: All I know, is that every girl in the world wants to be skinny, they want to have blond hair, blue eyes and a killer rack and zero body fat.

Girl: Ugh, fat girls need to shut up. Anything above a size 6 is just wrong.

7 things:

  1. Girls who say that are catty buttholes.

2. What a naive thing to say. Not ALL women want the same thing. To assume that all women want to be “skinny” is so ridiculous. Don’t pigeonhole your fellow women like that.

3. Skinny is NOT always healthier. I know women who look “fat” who are stronger, healthier and happier mentally and physically.

4. Leave it up to the individual to know what she wants to look like. Some women love having curves, some women love being thin, some women love having muscles. Every single body type is different…fast metabolism, family history…it’s different for everyone.

5. According to fitness magazines, I’m supposed to weigh 10-15 pounds less than I do. It’s supposed to be my “ideal” weight. Screw that. I get to make the choice. I get to decide what I look like and I personally choose to be healthy AND have curves. I’ve been super thin, I’ve been medium build and I’ve been overweight before…I choose muscles and curves. I love it. That’s the only thing that matters when it comes to MY body…what I think.


6. I hope girls understand that the most important thing is not looking good but being healthy, at any weight. There is incredible beauty in feeling comfortable with oneself and feeling content no matter what the magazines, celebrities or movies tell you.

No wonder so many little girls and women are conflicted with their bodies and spend an insane amount of $$$ and lose their minds in trying to look like something society has brainwashed us into thinking is real and acceptable.

7. I may not look like the “stereotypical” hot Asian chick but I’m fit, I have a husband who loves my curves. That’s just not how I’m built and I am totally okay with that. I work out for one reason…to stay healthy, to be able to chase after my crazy boys…the looking fit and feeling firm…That’s just the bonus part of it all.

Kill the stereotype that if women had a choice, they would all want to look like Malibu barbie.

Having blond hair, blue eyes, a killer rack and zero body fat is great, it is beautiful BUT having some meat on your bones, having Brown eyes, green eyes, Brown hair, black hair, etc…That’s hotness right there too.

I’m trying my best to teach my boys that there is beauty in all woman…so that when they grow up, they’ll realize and see that women are all beautiful and come in magnificently amazing ways in the form of different, bodies, thoughts and ambitions. I hope they will choose to be with people who are not so hung up on their shells but are fully and fiercly content with who they are.

Proud mom moment (November 28, 2015):

Josh was playing when he saw a kid who was struggling to walk around because of his weight being bullied.

Little girl: You’re so fat!
Josh: I can’t believe you just said that! That’s really mean.
Little girl: You’re dumb.
Josh: Actually I’m really smart. I can’t read that good but I’m getting better.
Little girl: Dummy and fatty.
Josh: That’s fine but we have names. My name is Josh and your name is…
Josh’s new friend: Jimmy.
Josh: Jimmy we gonna go exercise together and we can both have fun too, ok?
Jimmy: Let’s do it!
Josh: (to the girl) You can come play with us too when you decide to be a nice little girl.

And that was that.
I’m raising a rad little human and his name is Josh.

Having said that, I think it’s important for everyone to try and be healthy. Basic common sense tells us what’s good and bad to eat…I say, everything in moderation! Being fit doesn’t look the same or comes in one package either. Just because someone is the same weight and height doesn’t mean they will look the same either.

A womans body is a wonderous thing.


Healthy comes in ALL shapes and sizes…do what makes you feel comfortable and ignore the naysayers.

Do your thang.



So by all means, if you’re feeling it and you know you look goooooooooooooood no matter what anyone says, chin up…and strut!

You go on with yo bad self…


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