Grateful for this life:

*For winning the lottery when it came to parental units who taught me what love is in every sense of the word. They are the epitome of rad.

*For having a boy who I can laugh with, have diva like shouting matches with and just talk with about all things life…doesn’t matter what life throws at us because at the end of the day love wins, every single damn time.

*For my Joshua and Matthew who deserve so much better than me…who are so full of life, more dramatic than anything I’ve ever seen and just straight up craycray. Whenever I feel like I am in way over my head, only one thing comes to mind…”God will never give you more than you can handle”…that’s when I wipe away the tears, vaporize the woe is me crap, get a grip and apologize to my boys (we say sorry in this house) if I behaved poorly and join in in their farting contests or hunt for super gross bugs and spiders. We as parents all have moments of panic and defeat…we’re human for God’s sake and I believe it makes us better.

*For my Chris, Cindy and Chloe whom I love and adore.

*For my cousins who I don’t love just because we are family but because I would totally love them even if we weren’t related by blood…it’s just the magic of life that we get to be family too. We wiiiiiiiin.

*For my friends who I consider my sisters and brothers from another mo and da…who love me through the good and bad…loyalty does exist and it’s the radness.

*For my new homies who are kind enough to make room for my crazy ass in their busy lives…thanks dudes.

*For beer…light, dark, fruity…don’t matter…I dont discriminate, I love you long time.

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