Tomorrow is Today

I love all the messages I hear at church but this one by Dave Brubaker of Newsong, really hit me hard.

*Tomorrow is today*

Have you ever wondered why the kindest words are often said about individuals after their death?

Why is that? People should hear them NOW. Simple words of kindness can change and encourage our fellow man and woman to be better, happier, lovelier, stronger, fiercer and even more inspiring. You might be the very person who saves someone’s sanity…even their life.

How powerfully Rad is that?

Maybe just then, if someone is taken from us suddenly, we won’t have to live life with the regrettable words of “I wish he/she knew how I felt about them and how much they meant to me and those who were blessed to call them friend and family.”

Then perhaps that person will pay it forward and change the lives of others in the same way. And in doing this, maybe even change the whole damn world. Peace and love can be obtained. It is NOT out of reach. With God, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible.

Speak now…Don’t live life with things unsaid. Words exist to be spoken.

So start yapping. I’m sooo gonna. So if I send you a message or call you out of the blue, don’t freak out or think I’m drunk, haha, I just wanna let you know you are a positive force in my life.

Have a great day and love you long long time.

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