Maria Kang, why people no love you long time?

A post from last year I still find relevant today. Luckily I’m surrounded by women who are proud of her & inspired by her:

I looked at her and the first thing I thought was “damn, she looks amazing, I hope to look like that next year!” and then I realized there was an 8 month old in the pic too and I immediately said outloud, “Oh, she gonna be getting some hate mail.”

Why? Because people are buttholes and they are gonna make this not about her success and achievements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but about THEMSELVES.

As long as we live in an existence of “That’s unrealistic” or “thats inpossible” people will never know the greatness they can achieve.

Plus, how the hell can a statement like “Thats impossible!” roll off the tongue so easily when there are people who do amaaaaaaaazing things everyday.

I read about Maria Kang earlier this week and knew that there were gonna be haters and wow, people HAAAATE her. The catty claws of women dug deep into this woman and ripped her apart. All this because she simply posted a super beautiful and fit pic of herself and her kids and asked the question “What’s your excuse?” And instead of people thinking “Damn, she looks fantastic after having a kid!” The barrage of verbal cruelty began on a woman we don’t know a single thing about all because we live In a world full of jealous people who love to put others down. And let’s face it, when people aren’t happy with themselves, they’ll drag others down with them and the victim of the week is Maria Kang.

Personally, I don’t think what she did was so unrealisitic. I remember after gaining 50+ pounds with each pregnancy, I lost an enormous amount of weight breastfeeding (Matthew) and not (Josh) but of course it’s different for everyone. If I had the mindset of trying to be healthy AND focused on that AND raising kids, I would’ve been fit sooner than later. Instead, I thought who the hell cares and ate everything in sight and didn’t exercise at all. Instead of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising, I gained all the weight back. No excuses, I did it to myself.

After asking myself the same question a few months ago, I actually put my words into action and started doing something about the one thing I usually complained about the most. I talked about getting fit for a few years but never did anything about it. ALL TALK, NO ACTION. What I realize now is that the constant sarcastic excuse of “Oh, I’m sorry I got fat, I was busy being a good mom, I didn’t have time for myself” isn’t valid for long and it’s kind of an asshole statement to make if you think about it. Of course it’s absolutely awesome to focus on your kids but to say that is like saying people who are thin so soon after having kids aren’t as good mothers as you. Every body type is different. Some lose weight easier and some have to work at it harder.

Kids grow, you get a routine going and you CAN make the time. Blast your music and run around in your backyard or in your living room, get some weights and jump around and get your body moving. Any kind of movement and exercise is better than nothing.

So while the rest of us were/are complaining about how our body looks, Maria decided to get her fitness on. She set a goal and crushed it. I’m pretty damn sure she was still a great mother the whole time she worked out as well.

But more importantly, she never said that you HAD to look this good so soon after having a child…she simply asked “What’s your excuse?” Doesn’t matter if it’s a few months or years after having a kid…set a goal, maintain it, put it into action and quit complaining and do something about things you can change to better yourself not only for your sake but also for your family. If that’s what you choose and want to do.

If not, don’t be the downer that looks at someones success and say that they are horrible people especially when someone like her should Inspire you.

You never know, you might inspire others to do the same.

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