Perfection Does Not Exist…

Let me tell you the reasons why I admire mothers who don’t live in the universe of “My kids are perfect”, “I’m a better mom than you” and “my marriage is so delightful all the time”:
You’re intelligent.
You question things people are afraid to boldly.
You’re incredibly talented in so many ways.
You are confident in who you are.
You speak your mind.
You don’t need to create the illusion of constant happiness and having your life together at all times to “satisfy” those around you.
In the world of Facebook where people are in “constant bliss with their spouse” and “their kids angels always” the admission of your kids being little crapballs sometime and you questioning yourself as to why you chose the spouse that you did when they are acting like buttheads,  makes so many moms and couples breathe a sigh of relief and makes them feel…normal. Keep it coming…even if you could make one person feel good about themselves, feel totally normal or inspire them to be better or to just breaaaaaaaaaathe. It makes all the silliness of life, worth it.
Keep the dialogue going and keep it as real as possible.

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