Help a Fellow Mama out…Just Because.

Dropping the boys off at school this morning, I was grabbing their little lunch bags and backpacks when I had another one of those moments…

You know, the “Holy crap, I have kids, I’m a mom!” Moment.

I get those about 5 times a year. I think its God’s way of reminding me how lucky I am and also to keep me in check that I have to be a good human everyday not only for myself but for them too.

I was out today buying goodies for Matty’s classroom party when I saw these two little girls driving their mom crazy and mama looked like she was about to lose her goddamn mind.

I knew exactly how she felt because I’ve been there.

Let’s keep it real, real…I’M STILL THERE.

I walked over to them and said hi to the kids who were jumping up and down in the cart opening up every cereal box they could and then stood right in front of the mom and said, “Totally normal, you’re fine, they’ll move out someday…just breathe.”

She put her hands to her face and we both stood there on Aisle 9 and took a deep breath together. The girls stopped the shenanigans and just stared at us. I gave her a pat on the back and as I was walking away, the girls asked who I was and she said, “a friend.”

Absolutely. Us moms…we may not know each other by name but we have a connection no one can ever take away or understand.

We can comfort with a look, a touch, a hug.

We’re powerful like that, our capes may not be visible but it’s there…always.

Fight on my mamas.


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