You are Enough

I’ve always been a very sensitive and aware person… It’s played a positive and a negative role in my life. Makes the highs outfreakingstandingly rad and the lows emotionally painful.

Having kids made me harder and fiercer in a lot of ways. My tolerance for BS diminished and my need to please was killed off.

Butchered. Slaughtered.

But you’ll never find me apologizing for it.

Whatever hell you went through in your life. Whatever perfect moments you experienced in life. Whatever struggles you kicked in the ass and annihilated. All those insignificant moments too…They matter.

Never apologize for any of it because every single pit stop you’ve made in your journey established the very person you are today and if you’re someone who is loved & cherished…Well, then who you are is exactly what you need to be in this great big ugly beautiful world.

So don’t be so hard on yourself.
Don’t be mesmerized by the darkness, don’t be afraid to step into the light.
Never think you’re not enough.

You are. You absolutely are…ENOUGH.

Love you long time.

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