Love in Motion in the Right Direction

To all those skeptics out there who think marriage is a joke, who think monogomy is unrealistic, who think love is fleeting…I hope someday you’ll meet someone who will obliterate all those thoughts.

To be raised in a stable home where the very people who are supposed to teach you about respect, compromise, love and understanding practiced what they preached and lived it through words and action…

There is nothing more empowering and treasured than that.

I don’t think anyone can deny the power of everlasting love and how it affects everyone around them in the most positive and profound way.

What a concept and how rad for the kids to see love alive and well. The lessons of what it takes to make a marriage work is also learned in the home and will hopefully serve them well in their own relationships as adults.

I often hear people say that marriages that last are a novelty and how it’s completely normal to come from broken families.

I don’t think there is anything normal about that.

I hope there will be a time when the family lives that are so envied now will become once again the new normal.

Love freely, gently and fiercly. Nothing works if mom and dad don’t work well together. Choose your battles.

So be considerate of eachother and take the word FAIR out of the equation when it comes to love and family. That word will kill any wishes for compromise and happiness. Instead, do what’s RIGHT for the entire family.

Relationships take work. Marriage has it’s ups and downs, that’s COMPLETELY NORMAL. Happiness doesn’t happen on it’s own.¬† You compromise to make the magic happen. You feed eachother’s needs and do it happily and willingly.

A good sex life (If it’s boring, try different things. Google it. You tube it)
Date Nights

And when communicating after a fight? REALLY LISTEN. Don’t be half ass listening¬† and at the same time going through in your head what you want to say to them while they are trying to communicate with you. That’s not cool. Blank your mind and REALLY LISTEN to your partner. That way you don’t just hear what you want to hear…you hear everything. Be SILENT and LISTEN.

This is what Mike and I try to do…it ain’t pretty all the time but we sure as hell try!

So that’s my 2 cents! All the ingredients to make for a happy effective marriage.

According to this crazy mom anyway,and I bet a whole lotta other people who are reading this going, “Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!”


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