Letting It All Go…Bravely

Do you ever find yourself having an Aha! moment, a second of pure clarity a much needed life lesson, a message that is beautifully answered exactly when you need it…at a time in your life when inconsequential things seem so important and you know it’s shit and childish and just so irrelevant but you’re just waiting for something to happen, the courage to be brave so you can make the first step to move forward and live life in a way you didn’t think possible?

I just had that moment at 2am with this line from a fantastic movie.

“Our life is a series of moments…Let them go.”

So, I’m letting it all go.

All the doubts, insecurities, the feelings of insignificance…

Poof, gone…like vapor and fumes that only poison ones life, mind and soul.

We are way too important and rad to feel anything but beautiful, wonderful, brave and alive.

Don’t sway through life, stomp the hell through it and make your mark deep into the earth and into the lives of those who need you to in a sense…exist.

You can find the movie NOW IS GOOD starring Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine on Netflix. I not only used up a whole box of tissues but I did the full on ugly cry. You’ve been warned.

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