When Your Own Kids Call Mama Out

So this happened:

Josh: I don’t want to go to school. I don’t like school.
Kathy: Do you know how lucky you are to go to school? There are kids in the world who would love to get a great education and they can’t.
Josh: I know.
Kathy: I don’t care If you get straight A’s…but what I do expect from you two is effort. Try your best in everything you do and mommy and daddy will be super duper happy.
Josh: That’s it?
Kathy: Yep. You don’t need to be perfect, no one is perfect and will ever be perfect… But we need to see you focused and trying. Your only job is to learn at school and be a good boy.
Matty: That’s super hard…and super easy.
Josh: Okay. I can totally do that.
Kathy: Just like when you guys complain about food, there are people who would love to eat all the stuff you hate. When you say things like “Not fair” it’s absolutely ridiculous because your life is amazing. There are those who are waking up this morning, hungry, without a mom or dad, without an education, without clothes…you need to think before you say things like that outloud. It makes you sound ungrateful and that’s not good.
Josh: Like when you complain about folding laundry when there are people who want clothes and are naked?
Matty: With their weiner’s hanging out freezing!
That’s so sad.
Kathy: Daddy and I are also sick of the fighting. You two are lucky to be brothers and all you guys do is fight. It’s terrible.
Josh: Like when you and Daddy fight?
Matty: They not fighting Josh, they just talking super loud because mommy can’t hear because she so old.
Kathy: Fools, go put your shoes on!



Can’t tell the kids what to do when I’m not living it myself.

Marriage is hard and even though we try not to get into arguments in front of the boys, it happens sometimes, duh. What we do teach them is that we may fight but we resolve our issues every single time and are friends again. They love that.

Especially Josh who comes home telling me stories about how some of his friends tell him their parents live in different houses and fight a lot. Oy. He has that fear that it will happen to mom and dad.

Josh: If you and dad divorce, I’m not talking to you both and going to live with grandma and Han.
Matty: Not me, I going to live with dad.


We assure them not to ever worry about that because mom and dad will be together forever because no on else wants us and because we super duper times a million love each other.

Kids are such smartasses sometimes…and it’s a good thing cause they will knock yo ass down when need be.


Love you long time,


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