Getting all Kinds of Yoda on my Kids

Doing homework with the kids is like going through school all over again…and I don’t know what it is but I find it enjoyable and waaaaaaaaaaay easier to learn now than when I was a kid.

I’m sure the fact that as an adult I know how to process things better and have figured out ways to memorize and analyze things plays a giant role in it but still…it’s eye opening.

Josh’s homework was to memorize the first 4 lines of a poem. While he was whining about it, I memorized it within 2 minutes, word for word which surprised me because I suck at things like that…or so I thought.

Having told myself that I couldn’t do certain things over and over again, I ridiculously limited myself in accomplishing things that could’ve been.

How the heck are words like “You can do anything as long as you try…” coming out of our mouths when we are not believing it ourselves, when we don’t apply it to our own sense of being…in our lives.

It’s the fear and frustration that kicks in that prevents you from processing something…and that’s what was happening with Josh last night. So this morning, I told him to read everything slowly and to apply the words to a song and sing it. I told him, if you know every single word to Radioactive, Uptown Funk and can recite lines from “The Adventures of PeeWee” word for word, you can memorize 4 measly lines.

And he did.

It clicked for him on the way to school this morning. So if you saw a crazy Asian driving with the windows down on Harbor Blvd dancing and singing horribly at the top of her lungs these words to the music of This Girl is on Fire (Josh’s choice), that was me.

“How do you like to go up in a swing
up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
ever a child can do!”

Of course Matty memorized it too cause he’s Mr. SmartyPants and we all applauded when Josh was able to sing it over and over again with sweet dance moves (The cabbage patch) of his own. Matty recited it doing the robot. I was flailing my arms around and rolling my neck because…that’s all I know how to do.

Josh: Omi-G-O-S-H, mom! So easy! I can totally do this!
Kathy: Absolutely, you can do anything! Everything you say you can’t do, you always end up being able to do it. This is no different.
Matty: Oh yeah. I’m only 4 and I totally memorize it. I think I should get a treat after school, right mom?

I’m also pretty sure that I am more calm and eager to learn because I know I’m not gonna be graded or tested on anything as well, hahahaha. Those days are ova, suckas! Thank goodness.

So just like I told my boys, I need to say to myself, “Kathy, you can do anything as long as you try.”

Except for math, swimming and dancing though, because I totally suck at it and can’t do it. Hahaha.


Have a great day friends!



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