Committing Treason on your Own Life

When you go through life demoting everyone around you, trying to convince others to do the same. To see the darkness you see in those you loathe for reasons that are not sane and you scream quietly behind the shallow sheath of kindness and victim to manipulate all that is life, only to play the hero on a pedestal made of fake branches and twigs with sharp edges covered in poison…

That isn’t real life. It’s your own false reality, yo.

When you stand looking at the great big picture of life and all you see is yourself in the great big scheme of things.
There is something wrong with that picture.

That lonely existence you share in private and so publically isn’t the fault of others who exist around you, it is your own doing brought upon your own actions and verbal spit of diarrhea.

We all have problems.
We all have our own demons.
You are not so special to be the only one who knows what sacrifice is. What suffering is.
what it means to be in pain. To be stretched so thin physically and emotionally while pressed to be extraordinary.

It’s time.

Time to put your focus on not the illusion of greatness you have painted of yourself you try to force others to see…but the real YOU.

Your own ridiculous actions.
Your own untruth words.
Your own cruel intentions.

Then maybe, just maybe…you’ll be able to join the human race where we exist in reality. Where shit happens but good things too. Where you admit defeat and try try again to be good. Life can be rad for all intents and purposes…but only if you let it be true.


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