How the Mighty Would Fall

Helicopter parenting, the hands off parent, the embarrassing parent, the strict parent… Who the hell cares, raise your child and love your child the way you see fit.

No one sees what you go through 24/7. People who think they know everything about everything can make whatever judgments they want. Just nod your head and let them say what they want cause it’s just an opinion.

Remember, we know our kids better than anyone so we cater our own parenting style to our own children’s needs and there should be zero apologizing or explaining of that.

This is me, you do you.

This is the quote that has really stayed with me since #2 came along:

Your opinion of me doesn’t define who I am.

I’ve always loved these words but as a parent, they take on a whole different meaning.

My boys are happy, sweet, smart, hilarious, buttholish, aggravating, relentless, wonderful and adorable with a large side of the craycray. This means even though we are far from perfect, Mike and I are doing ok with this whole parenting thing and I’m pretty dang sure your kids are the same way as well…

Unless they are being abused, don’t worry about the way others are raising their kids or the type of moms and dads they are, worry about your own kids and about your own little family.


So when people start labeling you and have opinions about your parenting skills like their experts who know you and your kids better than you do, tell them you’ll be expecting them at your house bright and early the next day to walk in your shoes and do what you do day in and day out while you go out.

Let’s see how they do with the holier than thou attitude they walked in through the door with.

How the mighty would fall.

So my parental homies, if you love your child and you are raising them with fierce love and devotion, to have good manners and to be a positive force in this crazy world we live in? Don’t you dare let anyone tell you you’re doing it wrong or make you second guess yourself.

Brush off the tired words and strut away with your head held high…

Virtual high five and chest bump my homies!




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