Reality Happens Here…Ain’t No Photoshopping Here.

I think my post today surprised a few people because I’m always so honky dory happy and “Hey the glass is always half full of delicious beer!!” but I have really bad days too…just like every single human being in the world.

I try to keep things positive on here but I also don’t want my fellow moms to ever think that having a bad day is out of the ordinary or something you should never have.


There are days when you’re going to question your role as a mother and as a spouse…there are days when you’re going to feel guilty because you’re not enjoying motherhood…especially when there are those who would kill to be a mother.

But what I’ve learned is that we can’t walk on eggshells because when we do, we don’t allow ourselves to truly feel and go through the emotions necessary to breath things out. I think it’s healthy to go through the bad because only through all your struggles, do you see the positives that you tend to always ignore during the maddening times.

I’ve been chastised before for sharing not so delightful stories about motherhood but I’ll never apologize for that. My kids are absolutely wonderful and so full of life and love but there are times when they act like little demons…literally and I have no shame in sharing that part of life too.


Because we need to be truthful to each other as to what being a parent and having kids entails. We do what works for us, for our little family. Instead of pointing out what makes our fellow parents bad, We need to support each other more than anything…especially in todays time when there are so many ways to lift each other up.

So if I’ve disappointed some of you by being “human” than I suggest we part ways because if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve my best. I will never apologize for keeping it real real, especially on this thing where people tend to make their lives out to be like a fairytale.

Screw the Joneses.

Screw the false sense of reality.

Screw those who say that there is something wrong with women who don’t enjoy every aspect of motherhood.


What people don’t realize is that we can disagree on different things like vaccinations, spanking, timeouts, education choices…but it doesn’t mean we can’t respect each other anyway. Those things should not define us as parents. It’s just a part of parenthood.

What I am so thankful about today was how much love I got from my fellow moms…
When women come to each others aid without the cattiness and bitchiness that we’re so famous for…

There is nothing more POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL than that.

Thank goodness for rad human beings in our lives.
Thank God for the moms who understand.
Forever grateful for the friends who threaten to kick your ass if you don’t get out of your funk.
Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

So if I was able to start a discussion and help make even one fellow mom feel like she’s not alone…then all the crap I got for todays post was totally and utterly worth it.

Now I gotta go cause Matty is screaming his head off like he’s on fire because Josh wants to sing along with him but Matty wants to sing the ABC’s as a soloist.
Love you long long time.


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