Shutting it Down Before it Gets CrayCray (Well, trying to at least)

Kathy: Why are you just staring at your pizza?
Matty: Take off the onion and olives and I’ll eat it.
Kathy: You wanna see the video again of kids starving all around the world?
Matty: I LOVE onions and olives!

And let me tell you, they don’t get over it so easily all the time either, there have been tears during food time but they know better than to continue the complaining. They know mama don’t play that.

Kathy: Go brush your teeth.
Josh: I did already.
Kathy: You know what happens to liars?
Josh: I meaaaaaaant, I brushed them in my dream. I’m going to go brush right now!
Matty: I’m not brushing my teeth.
Kathy: You wanna see the pic again of the dude who didn’t brush his teeth?
Matty: I’m going to brush my teeth 10 times!!!


Will never be mother of the year but oh well. Boofreakinhoo.

One of my goals in raising boys? Raise them to become men who badass women will love. Men who aren’t picky eaters with good hygiene and a fantastic smile is always a good thing.

Ain’t no rad woman gonna date a poopoocacahead and respect him.

The less my future DIL’s will complain, the happier we’ll all be.


Mommyhood. This is me. You do you.


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