The Empowerment of Women: BEGINS WITH US

This is the kind of thing that awakens every rape victims once “At peace” soul and makes it howl and screech in pain, anger and agony all over again.

“These verdicts have broken and shattered him in so many ways…The fact that he now has to register as a sexual offender for the rest of his life forever alters where he can live, visit, work, and how he will be able to interact with people and organizations.” – Dan Turner

Absolutely disgusting.

Sir, your son IS a sexual offender.
He is a COWARD.
He is a RAPIST.

The fact that the judge actually took this letter into full consideration and gave the rapist only 6 months is unforgivable. The fact that he could only be jailed for 3 months for good behavior is absolutely horrid. The fact that his attorneys are going to appeal the 6 months sentence entirely is despicable.

There has to be change…this isn’t a men against women issue…this is a human issue.

Bottomline for me?
IF we as women want to start a revolution and change the world so we are heard and respected once and for all…the first thing we have to do is come together as women, first.
We call men raging dicks but you know what? I think women are worse. We fight amongst ourselves over the DUMBEST things and so many of us are EXACTLY what’s wrong with society today.
We can’t demand complete respect for our gender when so many are living lives being exactly what we don’t want to be viewed as or believed as.

You know why there are questions and doubts though? Because there have been numerous false reports of rape by dumbass women who do it for monetary gain or for revenge.And numerous men have gone to jail wrongfully for yeaaaaars because of this.

They mess it up for everyone…and it sucks. It’s embarrassing…it’s disgusting.

We can’t report false rapes.
We can’t report false reports of abuse.
We can’t marry for money.
We can’t cheat with our “friends” husbands.
We can’t use each other and spew hate.
We can’t call our fellow women who are raped.
We can’t call our fellow women sluts and say they deserved to be raped because of the clothes they were wearing or how much alcohol they consumed. 
THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RAPE. For women and men…cause I know it happens in reverse too.
We need to become united first, back each other up, respect each other and encourage one another to be better…live to a higher standard. 
We need to empower ourselves first. We can’t just talk about it…the change has to be shown through willing action.
Can you imagine how truly powerful we could be if we did that?!?!?!?!

Holy crap…the world would be forever changed. The human race would be forever changed.

Change starts with you…and me.

And on a separate note…all rapists should be castrated.

The end.




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