I Can Relate to The Crazy Mamas Now…

When you’re watching one of those Korean mini drama series and the signature mother in law characters you once thought were all super duper crazy out of their freakin minds because they are always so fiercly protective of their sons comes on and you’re like…”Yeaaah, I understand you now, crazy ass lady…I understand your madness…I will probably grow up to become you…”

Not a proud moment, but a truthful one. But you know what? In my mind, I’m giving them my all…so I hope they grow up to be really good people and marry equally as amazing women. I say this with absolutely zero apology. With this kind of expectation I know that I have to get my own ass in gear and be a better mom on a daily basis every damn day. I’m not an idiot…I know I play a huge important role in the kind of adults my kids will turn out to be.

Everything changes once you become a mother…your perception of things you never thought would change…absolutely do.

I was anti-gay marriage the majority of my life.
Now I’m PRO love and PRO this is me, you do you.

I went back and forth from Democrat to Republican for the majority of my life.
Now I’m mostly a Libertarian because I think both parties are cray.

I used to take most things on FB literally…now I don’t because I know how people are in real life vs. FB life…and while it’s delusional in many ways, it’s really cool because it focus’s on the positive and the kind of mothers and fathers people want to aim to be, and by complimenting them and encouraging them…it makes them really want to step it up and be amazing parents on a consistent basis in real life too.

Glass is always half full of delicious beer, hope and good intentions!

I thought only true Christians went to church every Sunday.
Now I know that church is awesome but attending every Sunday doesn’t mean anything if you’re not living a good faithful life with purpose. Glass houses folks, glass houses.

Marriage and being in love is NOTHING like the movies. It’s hard and it sucks and it’s wonderful and it takes work from BOTH parties to make it a good one.

I used to think all you needed was love love love to raise a kid in this world…Now? HELL NO.

I used to think kids who were dirty, covered in bruises and had broken limbs were being abused at home.
Now I know that it’s cause kids are craycray and play like idiots who aren’t afraid to die.

With age comes sagginess of things that were once up there…but on the plus side, you get a little boost in the knowledge department of how life really works…and should work…or at least I hope so.

Love you long time…hope you’re having a rad Sunday.

Prayers and love to all the families of service men and women, who are missing their loved ones who died tragically yet so bravely.


Much love,


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