Love is Colorblind & Rad

I just had a friend call me upset because her parents in this day and age STILL have a huge problem with her dating someone with a different skin pigment than them.

This breaks my heart & it pisses me off.

In the 10 years we’ve been together, Mike and I have gotten weird dirty looks and still do from time to time. One because we look totally ridiculous together cause of our height difference but also because we’re an interracial couple.

The dirty looks mostly come from the old school people when we go to the land of my people…that’s right, Garden Grove.

To the old men and women, I did a disgraceful dishonorable thing by not marrying a fellow Korean. Also the fact that my kids will not have “pure” blood is a big deal to the haters. Can you believe that crap? My kids were born out of love…and there’s nothing more pure than that. I mean, they are out of their freakin minds (I blame Mike cause Asians are all well behaved and Russians are all craycray) but they are beautiful.

Luckily my parents never even brought up the issues of color…and years later when I thanked them for being so colorblind, my mom said to me…

Mom: Of course it would have been great to have had in-laws we could’ve hung out with and communicated easily with but it’s your life and your dad and I just want you to be happy.
Dad: Don’t tell Mike what your mom just said.
Mom: I love Mike!
Dad: I know, me too. Sometimes I love him more than I love you and Kathy combined.


My dad used to tell me that he and my mom used to get crap from people too about “allowing” me to marry someone not Korean and they would fiercly defend and shut the poopheads down immediately.

My parents are such badasses. Did I mention my brother married my adorabe sweet sister in law who is Japanese?

So bottom line? It’s your life. You do what makes you happy. You be with the one your heart wants. You’re a full fledged adult, make your own choices in all things life. Your parents will eventually come around. Hopefully.

Love doesn’t have a singular color…it comes in shades of all things human.

Life is so short and unpredictable as is, why waste it living in a way that pleases others more than yourself?

I’d say that’s a wasted life and ain’t nobody got time for that!


You be good to yourself.

God didn’t create you to half ass through life.

As for Mike? Whenever he gets dirty looks or men uttering mean stuff under their breathes at us at the Korean Supermarkets? He gives them a great big smile, bows a little and says hi in Korean.

That’s my big sweet white boy 💙


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