Mommy Guilt blah blah

My thoughts on mommy guilt:

If there’s no mom guilt…you’re not doing it right…or at least that’s my opinion.

A family with the mentality where mommy and daddy are right all the time frightens me.


Mommy guilt is alive and kicking in good, REAL moms everywhere.

At least you’re able to acknowledge when you do something you know could’ve been done or said better…that makes you a great Mom. Following through and actually minimizing the errors…even radder.

But realistically, just like kids…we’ll keep making mistakes and that’s ok…

When I say or do something that I regret…I apologize to my kids…I let them know when I’m wrong….because I don’t want them to grow up thinking my poop don’t stink…cause it does.

It sooooo does.

We do the best we can…and some days we don’t even do that.


When I lay out clothes for my boys and tell them nicely to get ready for school while I take a shower and come out to find them running around naked and complaining about how uncomfortable their pants are and fighting over who put their clothes on first which causes one of them to have a nervous breakdown while the other one is slamming on the piano singing an original, “You Lose, I win!” Song?

Sorry dudes, but I’m gonna lose my poop.

And even if the mommy guilt is there for yelling at them…some stuff, I get over real quick and I don’t apologize because the guilt doesn’t stick around long enough to merit one.

And most days, we make the same mistakes over and over again…but you know what? Life happens…we are not made to be perfect…we’re fully flawed and we learn just as much as the kids on a daily basis.

It is a never ending cycle of madness sprinkled with love, tears, wet kisses, some Oscar caliber performances and hugs.

Mommy guilt and regrets of things we should have done better…there’s gonna be plenty of that…a whole truckload full…but I guess our goal in life as parents is to make sure we don’t overwhelm ourselves with what we did wrong…but what we did right and hope that our kids turn out okay despite it all.

This whole being a mom thing? Holy crap it’s hard but…it’s pretty darn rad too.

This is parenthood, yo.


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2 Responses

  1. Erika says:

    I’m all for being honest with your kiddos when you mess up. Love the post! ❤️

    • Kathy Hongzeff says:

      I think it’s imperative that they know from an early age that mom and dad aren’t perfect…It sets up a great path for open communication and honesty, in my opinion 😉