Saying Good-bye with the Best Intentions & Living With Purpose

I get called dork, nerd and the Easter bunny (Because they think I can be too damn nice sometime) by a group of my good friends on a daily basis. Some ask me if it offends me and the answer is, absolutely not. It makes me happy because it means I’m a source of laughter and constant rolling of the eyes for my tribe and that’s a good thing. It also makes me want to be much much better than I am.

Does it mean I don’t have an ugly streak? Absolutely not…My heart can be cruel too, just like every breathing soul. We all can be buttholes behind the scenes and we are. That’s why it’s so important for us to cut out what’s not good for our soul and well being. No reason to keep brewing hate and feeling the need to witness ugliness in all it’s glory and have it bother you in the most inhumane way on a daily basis. People can hate but when it’s mixed with a whole lotta stupid…that trainwreck/roadkill needs to be avoided at all costs.

And maybe I AM that annoying trainwreck and roadkill on the ground for some of you…and if I am, by all means remove me from your life…I never want to be a detriment or a burden on any human being. Instead of cutting those we don’t respect into little pieces, we should make a clean break and just cut them out of our lives with the greatest of intentions and best wishes.

We should never be in eachothers life for no reason…there has to be a purpose no matter how big or small. Everyone is someone to somebody.

And if we do have any good in us, it’s not because we are some magical beasts…it’s because we learned, we failed, we conquered and surrounded ourselves with the best people who make us be good and the bad people who made us stronger and fiercer and ripped & shredded us into something even more powerful.

Friends, we are all messed up one way or another, no one walks on water and no one has the charmed life that is made up of perfect puppy dogs and rainbows of glitter. Life is a journey of pain and discomfort even for the ones living the dream…it’s what sustains our badassness and dorkiness. They go hand in hand in the most beautiful way.

Humans in Solidarity.

Love IN & hate OUT.

We fight for the good. We stand strong on solid ground…together.

All talk no action is childsplay. Change starts with me. You. Them.

If not for us, then for our kids who will rule the world together someday hopefully hand in hand when we’re gone.

My new years resolution for 2016 is this…

It’s to be a good human and to be a positive force in people’s lives.

Pray for a better future. I pray for all of us to be less Poopoocacahead and more RAD.

Oh and to be a better mom cause Mike called me the “Mommy Dicktator” last night.

Hahaha. I couldn’t stop laughing. But he not wrong. *sigh* I love him & his alway truthful words.

Love you long time,

Your homie,




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