Being a Good Human…Even When You’re a Poopoocacahead.

All I’ve been hearing is people either trying to convince others how wonderful they are or about how crappy the human race is right now…Well, the change starts with me…and with you.

I think it’s pretty damn simple to be a decent human being, no?

* Respect yourself and stop playing the victim in every story of your life. If you have problems with different people and you’re always in the storyline…you no doubtly play a role in the madness too.

* Don’t have affairs while posting memes about love and how you respect it.

* Don’t cheat on your spouse and act like it won’t affect your kids. There’s a good chance it toooootally will.

*If you’re married…be kind to one another. Your kids will learn about love and how to love from you.

* If your exes are with new partners and unless they are a danger to your kids…just back away, play nice and just stay out of their way. Let them have a decent chance at love and happiness again…and for yourself too <3

* If you’re gonna talk about politics? Do it in a respectful manner. No matter how smart you think you are and how great your views are, if your voice starts going up and you start cussing and personally attacking me because my opinion differs from yours, the only message I’m going to get from you is that you’re an angry raging butthole.

* Stop trying to compete with your friends with the mentality of “I deserve that too, they just got lucky…” Shut your piehole. Go make your own life instead of hating others and being jealous especially of your friends who you should be HAPPY for.

* Don’t post inspirational quotes and crap when you’re not willing to see that those lessons should be applied to you too…10 folds. Every single damn one of the memes I post…are for me too. You better believe it.

* Treat your elders with respect. It’s not an Asian thing…it should be a universal thing.

* Learn to hold your tongue…verbal diahrrea is rampant in this country and it’s embarrassing. There’s a different between free speech and spewing hatred when you have zero grounds to back your sh*t up.

* Don’t tell people who they can and can’t love based on religion and the color of their skin…God is all about love…Love whoever the hell you want.

* BE GRATEFUL for God’s sake. When people help you, kill the mentality that you deserve it or that it’s not big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL. PEOPLE have their OWN crazy lives to deal but they are CHOOSING out of the kindness of their hearts and free will to graciously support you. So if you’re on the receiving end of this, say thank you often and tell people who are there for you in every way possible even if it’s for something small that you appreciate them and what they are doing for you.

* Don’t hate the police just because some of them suck: I bought a cup of joe yesterday for the police officer who was standing behind me at The CoffeeBean. He was so shocked and thanked me several times..that made me so sad!! I told him that it was NOTHING compared to what he has to deal with on a day to day basis.

* Take care of the things you need to take care of before doing anything that deters you from getting your life in order. Play smart. You’re an adult for Pete’s sake. Grow up. You can’t depend solely on others to survive while you’re doing nothing…don’t be a detriment to those around you.

* Spend more time with your kids…I know I’m going to try like hell. In a world full of tecnological distractions…we often forget that the main thing that kids want from us isn’t a new toy…but our time. Let’s be more present.

* This year has been a big wake up call for me personally. I am determined to be a rad human.

* When you’re driving, use your damn blinkers. Just wack that little stick down…easy peasy.

We have only 1 opportunity to live this life the best way we can. Let’s do it and do it well together.

Let’s stop being cacapoopooheads.

Have a nice day, love you long time.



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